Hue, Vietnam from April 21 to April 24, 2024 – The event promises to be a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the future of architecture. Among the esteemed sponsors of this monumental event stands Vasta Stone, a company renowned for its commitment to excellence in construction materials and architectural solutions. Stepping into the spotlight as the Gold Sponsor at The 14th National Architecture Student Festival in Hue in 2024, Vasta Stone hopes to contribute to providing solutions and accompany young architects of the next generation.

Vasta Stone’s commitment to innovation and quality makes them the perfect partner for an event dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architectural design. Renowned for their exquisite collection of sintered stone products, Vasta Stone has long been synonymous with elegance, durability, and sustainability in the construction industry. As a Gold Sponsor, Vasta Stone brings more than just financial support to the table; they bring a wealth of expertise and inspiration. By collaborating with the festival organizers, Vasta Stone aims to foster a culture of creativity and excellence among the future leaders of architecture in Vietnam.

Vasta Stone booth at the 14th National Architecture Student Festival

Inspiration for the future of architecture

The 14th National Architecture Student Festival is a prestigious event that recognizes excellence in the Vietnamese real estate industry. By being the Gold Sponsor, Vasta Stone is aligning itself with the desire to create the best conditions for the future generation of Architects through useful and practical values. This sponsorship not only symbolizes Vasta Stone’s commitment to pioneering elegance in upscale living but also plays a role in shaping the architectural identity of Vietnam, marking a significant contribution to the evolution of the industry.

Mr Mai Xuan Duc - Managing Director of Vasta Stone awarded prizes to individuals and groups of students who won the Landscape Architecture Sketch Contest with the theme: Landscape beauty and architectural heritage of Hue.

Moreover, Vasta Stone’s participation serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent. By sponsoring events like the National Architecture Student Festival, they empower the next generation of architects to dream big and pursue their passion with confidence. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and interactive sessions, Vasta Stone aims to impart valuable knowledge and skills that will shape the future of architecture in Vietnam.

Leading the Way to a New Era

As Vasta Stone steps into the spotlight, it doesn’t just bring innovation and collaboration; it heralds the dawn of a new era for luxury living in Vietnam. This isn’t just a sponsorship—it’s a collaborative stage where Vasta Stone, alongside industry leaders, architects, and designers, becomes the architect of a future where emotion and elegance intertwine seamlessly. It’s a future that promises sophistication and a deeper connection to the soul of Vietnam’s architectural landscape.

For attendees of the festival, Vasta Stone’s presence offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and technologies in architectural design. From stunning stone facades to innovative interior solutions, Vasta Stone showcases a diverse range of products that captivate the imagination and spark new ideas.

Through their partnership with the festival, Vasta Stone continues to elevate the standards of architectural design while nurturing the talents of tomorrow. As the festivities unfold, one thing is certain – with Vasta Stone leading the way, the future of architecture in Vietnam is brighter than ever before.

Join on this transformative odyssey, where the legacy of each stone lingers in the echoes of timeless beauty and emotional resonance.

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